Ventura County Cleaning Services

Need Your Oxnard Home or Business Cleaned? Call JW Home Care

While you may spend a lot of time cleaning up your home or business to keep it looking great and feeling fresh, standard cleaning methods don’t do as much as you might think. Over time, certain areas of your home will slowly and gradually sustain bigger and bigger messes. Carpet will become discolored through constant use and staining, tile and grout will become dirty and grimy despite frequent mopping, and the inside of your air ducts will get dirty and dusty, just to name a few. When normal cleaning isn’t strong enough to take care of these problems, call in the pros at JW Home Care and let us handle the job for you!.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Having your carpets professionally cleaned improves appearance and eliminates odors. If your carpet is not professionally cleaned on a regular basis and is prone to greater or even permanent damage from spills or pet accidents. Without professional cleaning, your carpet may develop a permanent odor and or stains that regular carpet cleaning will not remove.

Upholstery Cleaning

Couches, chairs, and other fabric upholstery materials absorb the odors of almost everything that touches them. Sweaty bodies? Definitely. Food and drink being eaten on the couch? Yep. Pets that love laying on your furniture? For sure. Don’t live with those stains and odors building up over time—call JW Home Care for upholstery cleaning that keeps your furniture fresh and beautiful.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Mold or mildew and especially dirt and residue can build up over time leaving your tile and grout looking dull and dirty, especially in heavy traffic areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Getting your tile and grout cleaned professionally not only makes it easier on yourself but will make your tile look brighter and cleaner.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Many of us think that cleaning out the lint trap is sufficient, but most people don’t know how much lint sneaks through and gets stuck in your vent. This lint is highly flammable and can combust under high temperatures, causing a devastating fire. Cleaning your dryer vent protects you and your home from this disaster. For most homes, dryer vent cleaning should be done at least once a year. For homes with a lot of laundry or most commercial laundry setups, we recommend a vent cleaning two or even three times per year.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts circulate air from your heating and or cooling system throughout your home or business. While your air filter is supposed to remove a lot of dust and debris from this air, it isn’t perfect. Dust and debris that gets through or sneaks in can accumulate in your ducts, contaminating the air you breathe. Air duct cleaning removes contaminants like mold, dust, dander, pollen, and more from within your ductwork, giving you clean air to breathe. We recommend this service every three to five years, though some customers who are sensitive or have asthma problems opt to have them cleaned annually.

The JW Home Care Difference

JW Home Care is the name to turn to for detailed, professional deep cleaning solutions in Ventura County and throughout the southland. Our crew is armed with some of the latest and greatest cleaning tools available, and we use safe, non-toxic materials that truly give your home or business the cleanliness it needs. Our results speak for themselves, but we go a step further by guaranteeing the work we do and your total satisfaction. Plus our customer service is second-to-none, and we never lose sight of your experience with us. We put all of our customers first, and we work hard to make sure we exceed your expectations each and every time

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