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Upholstery Cleaning in Ventura County

Call JW Home Care in Oxnard for Stubborn Stains & Odors

Do you have sweaty kids that jump on your couches after running around outdoors or getting home from sports practice? Does your family eat and drink on your couches? Do you have pets that love to settle in for a snooze in the comfort of your furniture? Your couches are absorbing all of the odors, moisture, and dander that comes in from these sources. Vacuuming is important for removing the bulk of dirt, dust, and allergens, but it doesn’t remove everything. Over time, what remains behind builds up and creates nasty stains and odors that just won’t go away. That’s when you should make the call to the Ventura County upholstery cleaning team at JW Home Care.

Dirty furniture? Don’t live with it! Give JW Home Care a call today at (805) 443-3232 so we can set up an appointment and get your furniture looking brand new again.

Comprehensive Upholstery Cleaning

Is your furniture starting to look drab, stale, or worn-out? It may not be age, but rather the staining and wear that has set in over time. A thorough cleaning can bring even well-used furniture back to life in ways you never thought possible. Don’t make the huge purchase in new furniture, especially when furniture is so expensive these days—having your current furniture cleaned can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and make your current chairs and couches look like new again!

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Inspecting your furniture. We start by determining what fabric your furniture is upholstered with and locating any damage that might be present. This helps us choose the best cleaning method.
  • Power dry-vacuum. This process uses a high-powered vacuum to pull any potentially loose dirt and debris out of the fabric from the start. The process doesn’t hurt your furniture but does remove more debris than your average household vacuum does.
  • Hot water extraction. This scrubbing process uses hot water and gentle soaps to get down into your upholstery and remove stains that have become stuck in the very fibers of your fabric. In addition to spraying hot water and cleaning soap, the tool also vacuums the water up, removing the dirt and debris with it.
  • Low moisture cleaning. While your furniture is still somewhat damp, we’ll tackle any tough areas with specialized spot treatments. Some areas need some extra love.
  • Moisture extraction, grooming, and drying. Finally, once your furniture is as clean as we can get it, we’ll use our specialized wet vacuums to remove any remaining moisture and staining that we can. This dries your furniture out almost completely. From there, we can groom the material and dry it entirely. The process usually takes no more than an hour or two.

The exact procedures and products we use depend on the exact fabric. We work with all types of synthetic materials, such as microfiber, nylon, olefin, polyester, rayon, and faux-leather, in addition to natural materials like cotton, jute, leather, silk, velvet, and wool. We may also pre-treat the fabric and apply a fabric protector. Regardless there will be no chemical residue to attract dirt or release odors. And we’re extra-careful with decorative details.

Ready to Handle All Your Upholstery Cleaning Needs

JW Home Care puts you and your home or business at the forefront of everything we do. We know how important your furniture is to you, so we deliver cleaning services that keep it in its best condition at all times. From simple chair cleaning to complex jobs that include scrubbing a huge number of your home’s features, we can be counted on to do the job right and give you outstanding customer service. We even offer flexible scheduling with two-hour arrival windows in order to remain respectful of your time and schedule. We stand by the work we do with a satisfaction guarantee, and we’re always honest, upfront, and detailed in what we do.