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Have a mold problem? Or think you might? Then you shouldn’t delay in having it checked out — every day potentially exposes you and your family to serious health risks. If you’ve recently had a sudden water intrusion, you may have as little as 24 hours to prevent a major outbreak of mold. Business owners: did you know that mold remediation is required by OSHA regulations governing a healthy and safe workplace? JW Home Care is a licensed mold removal company, ready for any home or business in Simi Valley with 24/7 emergency services.

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Mold Hazards

You might think that all mold growth and the associated hazards are obvious, but that’s not always the case. The following are little known mold hazards:

  • Mold is a type of fungus; it can grow in complete darkness. The majority of an infestation may be completely out of sight in locations like crawl spaces, behind cabinets, under flooring, or even completely inside walls.
  • Not only black mold is toxic. Other species of different colors also release toxins and not all black molds are toxic.
  • All mold varieties release irritants, allergens, and other contaminants. They can lead to eye/nose/throat irritations, stuffy noses, and flu-like symptoms. And that in turn can lead to respiratory infections and other serious conditions, especially for seniors and children.
  • Mold spreads by tiny essentially invisible spores that float in the air. Those spores are always around and reach just about everywhere, indoors, and out.

With the relatively moderate Simi Valley climate all it really needs is a lingering source of moisture, any time of the year. That could be sudden flooding from a winter storm or fire suppression, or more subtly via a roof or minor plumbing leak. Or just a broken exhaust fan or blocked vent in a bath.

Our Simi Valley Mold Removal Services

Disturbing or killing mold usually results in the release of a burst of spores and contaminants. Not only may allergens and potentially toxins be left behind, but such treatment doesn’t reach what’s below the surface. Considering the potential health risks, the opportunity for spread, and the difficulty of complete mold and spore removal the EPA urges professional services for any problem covering more than 10 square feet.

JW Home Care is licensed for mold removal in California and combines highly trained and certified technicians with the latest in equipment for an efficient and thorough job. Independently owned and operated, we hold ourselves to high standards in technical expertise, business ethics, and customer service. We’re an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau. Each project is different, which means we’ll create a schedule with goals specific to your situation and explain everything to put your mind at ease.