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Water Damage Restoration in Moorpark

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Protect yourself against further water damage removal costs in Moorpark by immediately calling in the experts at JW Home Care. We’re a water damage restoration company with experience in water extraction, mold remediation, and leak detection as well as smoke and odor removal.

The first 1-2 days following a disaster are by far the most critical, if you are the victim of a basement flood there are substantial health and safety risks our experts take into consideration. With anything more than damp carpet, liquid will be finding its way up inside walls and beneath flooring, quickly leading to crumbling drywall along warping and splitting wood. Without the help of an experienced water damage company, deterioration can continue for weeks — often completely hidden from view.

JW Home Care is ready 24/7 every day of the year to keep losses to an absolute minimum after a Moorpark home or business emergency. Contact our team today by completing our online form or calling (805) 443-3232.

Leak Detection

Catastrophes such as basement flooding are obvious, but hidden leaks can lead to extensive water damage restoration if not caught early on. Our experts can quickly pinpoint the source (whether from plumbing, roofing, or other building problems) with non-destructive electronic leak detection instruments backed up by their years of experience.

Mold Restoration

Mold restoration involves a high degree of health risks, and careless mold removal can spread the problem rather than eradicate it. For this reason, work should only be performed by licensed professionals, like those from JW Home Care. Our Moorpark technicians will isolate the work area and set up special exhaust fans and air scrubbers, then complete thorough mold removal with the help of industry best practices.

Smoke & Odor Removal

Smoke is toxic as well as smelly and can reach just about everywhere in a building. Even a nearby fire can leave you with problems. Proper smoke and odor removal requires far more than cleaning or wipe-downs. Smoke’s countless compounds quickly penetrate to depths where they can no longer be reached… and you’re stuck with those lingering smells. Our specialized processes and equipment take care of building surfaces and building contents, and our ozone generators and other special techniques find and neutralize odors wherever they might be hiding.

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