Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning

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Is it time for professional carpet cleaning service? We’re the Santa Barbara experts. Beyond the ordinary, we’re formally trained in carpet cleaning and restoration with special expertise to clean your carpeting after water damage or smoke damage. Our deep cleaning can restore carpet to like-new appearance and removes allergens, dust and dust mites, pet dander sand, and dirt that daily vacuuming can’t reach. It also extends the lifetime of your wall-to-wall carpet by removing deeply trapped abrasive particles that cut into fibers with even light foot traffic.

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Our carpet technicians deserve the title — they’re certified in cleaning services including water damage restoration. So, they can properly identify and deal with any subtle mold issues in humid Santa Barbara areas. Our equipment is far superior to any supermarket rentals and includes a range of equipment and products so we can perfectly match our process to whatever synthetic, natural, or blended fibers your carpets contain.

Carefully tailored to each and every particular situation, our Santa Barbara carpet cleaning typically proceeds as follows:

  • deep vacuuming
  • color-safe stain and pet urine odor removal
  • pre-conditioning to loosen dirt
  • agitation
  • hot water extraction (steam cleaning)
  • grooming
  • drying

With attention to every detail, the process may take a couple of hours. But your floors will be dry and ready to use 1 to 2 hours after that.

We Provide Advanced Capabilities & Services

Unlike most other cleaning companies in Santa Barbara our team is certified in fire, smoke, and water damage restoration. This means we have the experience and advanced equipment to rescue carpets when others can’t.

Besides restoring appearance, that means dealing with sanitation and odors. Any textiles exposed to sewage should be replaced, but otherwise we can use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions for disinfection, soot and water extraction, and neutralizing smoke’s acidic compounds. We can even permanently neutralize odors wherever they might be hiding throughout the building.