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Smoke Damage Restoration in Ventura County

Let JW Home Care Eliminate Your Odor Problem in Oxnard & Beyond

Fire can cause damage in many different ways, and one of the most prevalent is the damage it can do to your nose. Once the smoke has cleared and the ash has been cleaned away, the strong odor of burned material will still remain, often hidden in places that you can’t find no matter how thoroughly you clean your home. Smoke can remain behind, engrained in porous surfaces like drywall, flooring, and so many more. Smoke often includes harmful chemicals and toxic compounds that can settle and become a permanent part of your home if you don’t have the issue addressed correctly.

Has your home been damaged by a fire? Make the call to JW Home Care by dialing (805) 443-3232 and let us take care of that nasty smoke smell for you for good.

Where Smoke Odors Are Really Hiding

The smoke you can see may be the easiest to deal with. However, because smoke particles float around in our air, they can quickly vanish and become invisible to the eye. This also means they can get into places that only air can reach, such as through the tiniest cracks in surfaces you might otherwise think are sealed. If you can still smell smoke in your home, even though nothing has been burning, smoke particles may have become engrained in your air ducts, your drywall, your flooring, your window treatments, and plenty of other surfaces. The only way to have it effectively removed is with a comprehensive smoke damage restoration service from JW Home Care.

Our Team Deploys an Arsenal of Procedures, Equipment, & Cleansers, Including:

Our sophisticated technology is the secret to how we are able to tackle even tough odor problems with confidence. Our ozone and hydroxyl generators target and destroy all sorts of airborne contaminants without any risk to you and your home. These substances bond with odor particles to make them easier to filter out, and then turn into oxygen and other harmless gasses when they are finished.

24 Hour Emergency Odor Control Services Available

When you’ve just experienced a home or business catastrophe, odor control may be the last thing on your mind. However, JW Home Care takes care of remembering and implementing odor control services for you. In the aftermath of a disaster, be it a flood, fire, or other accident, our team will work to control odors throughout the cleanup process, and then eliminate them for good once the cleanup project is complete. We even offer 24-hour emergency professional remediation and odor control services to keep matters from getting out of control.

Serving the Ventura County Area & Beyond

When you need a professional Ventura smoke damage restoration team in the Ventura County area, look no further than JW Home Care. We have proudly served a wide area across the southland and Central Coast of California for several years, and we are proud of our reputation as a company that truly cares about our customers. When you have just experienced a catastrophic fire, we know the last thing you want is for the cleanup process to be tedious and frustrating. That’s why we offer fine workmanship that puts you and your needs first. Our restoration team know how to properly handle smoke damage and use the latest cleaning tools and materials to ensure that odors are eliminated from your home for good.