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Premium Solutions from JW Home Care in Oxnard

Tile is a popular building textile in homes and businesses everywhere. Its hard surface makes it extremely durable and capable of withstanding years of abuse with little maintenance. Its smoothness makes it both easy to clean and care for as well as resistant to staining. And likewise, tiles can come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles. However, the more you use your tile, the more wear and tear it will sustain until the point where it needs to be cleaned. If you’re noticing that your tile is looking rather dreary and doesn’t have the life and vibrance it once did, then there’s a good chance it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. When that time comes, call JW Home Care for the finest Ventura County tile and grout cleaning solutions.

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Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

At JW Home Care, we’re a provider of a complete range of tile cleaning and maintenance solutions. We work with all materials and styles, including ceramic, porcelain, or even natural stone tiles. We also offer services to both residential and commercial customers, meaning we can help your business too. Whether that’s keeping your showroom floor looking spotless or keeping your commercial kitchen safe and free from stains or spills, you can count on us to keep things looking their absolute best.

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Tile reconditioning: Over time, deposits slowly grow and dull the appearance of virtually any tile surface. Our tile cleaning and reconditioning uses specialized cleansers and industry leading-practices to restore tile surfaces to their original beauty by removing stains and wear.
  • Grout cleaning: The grout between tiles is easily stained, particularly with staining spills. Likewise, damp grout can support the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Our powerful equipment thoroughly scrubs your grout then extracts the water, cleaning materials, dirt, and grime. We’re experts at stain removal, and can even re-grout when necessary.
  • Tile sealing: Grout is porous and readily absorbs liquids, so it needs a sealant to protect it. That sealant also protects limestone, marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stone tiles from being damaged by acidic foods. However, this sealant will eventually wear away with time and use, so we also offer re-sealing services to protect your floors, countertops, and other surfaces.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tile remains perhaps the most popular type of tile, as it requires little maintenance, is impervious to just about everything, looks great, and is fairly affordable. But even with good housekeeping and regular cleaning, these tiles will gradually dull and lose their luster. Other materials are even more prone to this issue, particularly natural stone, as their porous surface has a tendency to absorb stains and hang on to them. No amount of traditional cleaning would ever have a hope of pulling that problem out.

Grout Cleaning & Maintenance

Grout is also a common issue. Grout is porous, vulnerable to staining, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Unchecked, spills that cause these issues can also damage your tile’s adhesive, leading to loose tiles. Our tile and grout cleaning services prevent that and keep your home looking its best. We stand behind our work, and our customers are frequently surprised at what a difference we make in their kitchens, baths, and entryways.

Customer-Service Focused Services

JW Home Care is the local expert in tile cleaning and uses the latest tools and methods to ensure a deep, thorough clean and shine. Our team is committed to doing the hard work and delivering exceptional results that earn your total and complete satisfaction. We stand by what we do, and we’re always putting our best foot forward to earn your trust for whatever you need. Whether you simply want to show your home some love, or your business needs thorough cleaning to restore its condition once again, look no further than the pros at JW Home Care.