Sewage Removal And Cleanup

Are you facing an unpleasant situation… or a total nightmare in Ventura County?  Whether a toilet overflow, a sewer backup into a shower or a floor drain, or a broken sewer pipe you need professional sewage removal and sewage damage restoration services.  You know it’s highly unsanitary, but did you know that those disease organisms are contagious by skin contact and even become airborne?  The longer the problem sits without sewage backup cleaning the longer bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites have to multiply and spread.  So it’s critical for sewage cleanup to begin immediately.

Sewage Is Toxic Do Not Attempt To Clean It Yourself

Rubber gloves and bleach simply aren’t enough even for small problems.  Our experts are trained in specialized sewage cleanup and removal techniques and understand countless details that would otherwise be missed.  Technicians at JW Home Care Restoration are also well-trained and experienced in water damage restoration that’s often needed as well.  Finally, for public safety, there are regulations concerning the transportation and disposal of liquid wastes and contaminated materials.

When you call in a professional like those at JW you’ll have confidence that everyone’s safe and that the job will done right.  We’re available 24/7/360.

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Sewage Removal

Any situation involving raw sewage is a very serious health risk, especially for children and the elderly.  So our sewage backup cleaning crews always have the necessary personal protection equipment.  They’ll begin with a thorough assessment plus containment measures to prevent the contamination from spreading into unaffected areas.  Then comes pump out and sewage removal, accompanied by extensive decontamination and sanitization.  Most items, including porous building materials, that have come in direct contact must be removed and properly disposed of.  Sewage damage restoration often includes water extraction and structural drying using an array of specialized equipment.  That avoids further destruction such as disintegrating wall board and warping wood.

Sewage Cleanup

Direct sewage removal is just the beginning.  The following sewage clean up steps take care of the structure and its contents.  Hard non-porous surfaces must be thoroughly disinfected with special attention to cracks and crevices.  Most belongings can be rescued with special cleaning, but many may have to be discarded.  Finally, using special-purpose equipment we’ll further disinfect and neutralize all odors far and wide.

Flood Damage Removal

Serious biohazards aren’t limited to toilet and sewer issues.  Any water that’s touched the soil, including flooding, needs to be treated the same as Class 3 (black).  In fact, regardless of the source any water that’s been standing for more than 24 hours should be treated as Class 3 (  Leaks and overflows from washing machines and dishwashers are Class 2 (gray) and are also a biohazard, although less severe.  Clean Class 1 comes directly from plumbing, but will be teaming with disease-causing pathogens in as little as a day.  So our flood damage removal services combine water damage restoration with critical sanitation measures.

JW Home Care Restoration

We’re a family owned and operated company, fully licensed and insured.  Starting with carpet, tile, and stone cleaning specialists we have certified technicians and the latest equipment for sewage clean up.  Experienced in commercial as well as residential projects we’ve worked closely with local insurance adjusters in planning and claims processing for sewage damage restoration.