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Water Damage Restoration in Santa Barbara

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Restoration Services

Has flooding or fire struck your home in Santa Barbara? You need professional restoration services right away. Our 24-hour emergency restoration services are ready for prompt water damage removal, mold remediation, and flood damage restoration. Do-it-yourself and ordinary cleanup methods simply won’t do. As required by insurance companies, you typically have only 1 to 2 days to complete all the right steps to prevent more destruction.

Contact our Santa Barbara water damage restoration team by filling out our online form or calling us directly at (805) 443-3232 today.

What Can Water Do to Your Property?

Whether you’ve been through a major storm or just had a burst washer hose, we’ll take care of it. It doesn’t take a basement flood to cause health risks and progressive deterioration that calls for a water damage contractor. Any liquid quickly soaks through carpet and penetrates through any crack or opening. Water even wicks up inside walls!

With anything more than several square feet of wet area deep-down dampness can take several weeks to fully evaporate even though the surface may seem dry. That’s especially true in more humid Santa Barbara locations.

In just a few days, excess moisture can harm:

  • Drywall
  • Wood
  • Other building materials that could lead to costly repairs

Mold can flourish in as little as 24 hours and, like water damage, can be completely hidden from view. But our water damage restoration services get everything completely dry in just days, heading off all those problems.

Flood Damage Restoration Throughout Santa Barbara

Our Santa Barbara water damage restoration experts typically begin flood restoration with our truck-mounted rapid pump out equipment. Whether the soaked area is large or small we complete the water removal with our special water extraction gear that can be as much as twice as effective as other methods.

We’ll also take care of disinfection. But that still leaves deep-down moisture. For complete structural dry out we’ll deploy a variety of equipment such as refrigerant humidifiers coupled with powerful air movers to cut the drying process from weeks down to just a couple of days.

As needed, we can clean and restore building contents and neutralize any and all odors throughout the building.

If your commercial or residential property in Santa Barbarahas been struck with water damage, call our office at (805) 443-3232 today.