What makes JW Home Care different from our competitors?

Since the inception of JW Home Care, our #1 priority has been our customers, and that’s why we have an impeccable reputation online and in our community. We leave no issue unresolved to make sure our customers are extremely happy in such a difficult time. We have chosen to do a quality service instead of the quantity, unlike our competitors, our work comes from our reputation not unethical programs that have vendors cut corners. Here in California, it’s your right to choose who you want working in your home, and our customers choose the best in Ventura County.

Our Staff

JW Home Care cares about our employees, and with that mindset, we have a very low turnover. Allowing us to invest in them and their training. Our Staff genuinely care about you and what you are going through. Almost every JW Home Care employee, including office staff, is Certified by the IICRC. The IICRC sets the industry standard for restoration companies and insurance companies to follow, knowing these standards and being a certified firm makes the claims process much easier for our customers and their insurance company.

Our Equipment

Equipment changes and gets older, at JW Home Care we invest in the latest and newest models the industry has to offer to help speed up the process and the downtime our customers face during a claim. We also replace our equipment on a regular basis as well, as older equipment can have problems and lead to bigger issues like causing a fire.

Our Technology

JW Home Care uses the latest technology to ensure a smooth claims process. One of the biggest problems with our competitors is the lack of documentation when submitting paperwork to your insurance company, resulting in unpaid items, delayed payments to your claim, and overall denial of a filed claim. That’s where JW Home Care goes overboard, our use of Ipad’s makes sure all paperwork and pictures are digitally synced to our office. Our Thermal cameras find unseen moisture preventing missed areas and causing secondary damage like mold. Our 3D camera and program allow for phenomenal documentation and allows for your adjuster to go on a virtual walkthrough if something was missed or an adjuster wasn’t sent to the property.

Our Technology At Work