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Water Damage Restoration in Carpinteria

Providing Expert Cleaning Services

Are you facing a water damage emergency in Carpinteria? Whether major or minor, flood restoration involves a lot more than just removing water. Our professional water damage restoration service extracts deep-down moisture that otherwise is likely to lead to a need for mold restoration and repairs.

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Skilled Home Restoration Services

JW Home Care is a leading flood and fire damage restoration company, ready 24/7/365 for emergencies. Our Carpinteria technicians are experienced in commercial building catastrophes and our free estimate includes a detailed action plan for our expert services.

As fire and water damage contractors, our professionals have all the equipment and training necessary to handle:

  • water extraction
  • structural dry out
  • mold removal
  • smoke and odor removal
  • and much more

We’re fully insured and have properly licensed technicians in each specialty service we provide.

Family owned, everyone at JW Home Care recognizes that you’re going through a difficult time and we always do our very best for you with meticulous attention to restoration details, insurance claims, and customer care.

Expert Flood Restoration

Did you know that, even without contamination from sewage, lakes, or rivers, water can quickly become filled with a host of bacteria, viruses, and other disease organisms? For this reason, our flood services begin with exceptional attention isolating those water-borne and air-borne pathogens along with thorough cleaning and disinfection. The job isn’t complete until the property is safe from contaminants, completely dry, and odor free.

Comprehensive Mold Removal

Whenever moisture or even excessive humidity are present for more than a day or so you can have a mold problem.

This problem can be hidden:

  • inside walls
  • underneath flooring
  • in the backs of cabinets

Even if you don’t have a toxic variety (more than just black mold is toxic) you and your family are still exposed to health hazards and building deterioration that grow over time. Our licensed mold restoration technicians follow every guideline to the letter, protecting everyone’s health and safety while completing thorough mold removal.

Advanced Leak Detection

Even with a major leak you may not be able to find its source. Small leaks are even harder to find. Is it a tiny crack in a pipe within a wall, or perhaps a leaky roof or window? Our leak detection experts combine their training with the latest in electronic technology to rapidly pinpoint the location, saving you time, money, and disruption.

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