What To Do With My Contents After A Water Damage?

Lets Find Out What To Do With Your Contents After A Water Damage

After water damage happens within your home, your personal items could also be affected. We’re here to help with not just the restoration part of your home’s structure, but with the items that transform your house into a home. Below is a simple checklist focusing on your belongings and how to respond once water damage has taken place in your home. Here’s what to do with your Contents After A Water Damage.

First and foremost, call a 24 hour trusted and qualified restoration company, like JW Home Care. 

The sooner you call, the better. Our team will respond quickly and efficiently to help keep damage, costs, and repairs at a minimum. 

Secure Important Personal Documents. 

This includes family photos, medical devices and medication. Most importantly, These things are very important and you need them to live. Remove from any areas of damage and kept in a safe place while evaluation and stabilization take place. 

Take a quick “Home Inventory” of your contents after a water damage 

Use a camera or a camera on your phone. Photograph one room at a time taking multiple shots from different angles. (Anywhere from 4 to 6 photos per room.) 

Capture photos of any collectibles and high-valued items such as; artwork, jewelry, electronics/appliances, silver/china, clothing/handbags, etc. 

in addition, Don’t forget to check your closets, attics and/or basements, and drawers too.  

No camera, no problem. 

An itemized written list of your belongings works just the same although it may take more time than snapping quick photos. Receipts work just as well. Similarly, Our crew on site will even be able to assist in some quick photo documentation of your contents. 

Wrapping up

In conclusion, After the water damage is stable, call your insurance company. If your items end up damaged, you can submit your content documentation you now have to your insurance for reimbursement. If your contents remain intact and spared from the loss, your insurance will cover the cost to pack and store all of your belongings off-site while the restoration and repairs are completed. This service is called an Emergency Pack Out. And yes, JW Home Care can assist with this service. 

Being able to respond quickly to water damage is key to making sure your possessions are safe. If you or anyone you know needs assistance with an Emergency Pack Out Service, JW Home Care is ready to help! Submit Your Project or Give us a call at 805-443-3232

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