What To Do If Your Water Heater Fails

When you have a Water heater water leak it can be a major concern. Because they can cause extensive damage to the structure and its contents. The exact path of water through a building is difficult to predict. But water inevitably ends up somewhere it shouldn’t be. Once you discover water on your property, the damage is already occurring. For water leaks, the clock starts ticking as soon as water begins to flow.

A water heater water leak can cause big problems if you don’t act quickly enough.

Toilet water leaks commonly originate from the tank or bowl. But they also can spring from broken flapper valves and worn out flush mechanisms. A water heater water leak may begin at the bottom of an older water heater and trickle down slowly with no immediate damage. In this case, water can flow through the water heater’s bottom drain and potentially drip down to a lower floor. The water heater water leak may be more dramatic if water flows from a loose pipe fitting or crack in the water heater tank shell.

Water overflows associated with water heaters usually occur when the temperature and pressure relief valve malfunctions. Or water heater temperature and pressure limits are reached. Which causes water to flow from the water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve. When a water heater water leak starts, it can become a gusher in a matter of minutes. A water heater water leak begins to drain water from the water heater, which lowers water levels in the tank. If water levels drop below the top of the heating elements, an electrical safety device won’t allow power to reach them. And your water heater shuts down. When this happens the water heater may continue to fill and overflow until water levels rise high enough to activate the water heater again.

What Can I do?

If water is spilling out of your water heater, first shut off water supply at water meter or water main shutoff valve. Then shut off water intake valve on the top of the water heater tank. If your water heater has a pressure-relief or rupture disk in its vent pipe, shut off water at the vent pipe’s union on top of water heater.

When water is spilling out, it can be difficult to tell if water damage has already occurred. It could be inside the walls or under items stored on floor. But once water stops draining from water heater, you’ll probably start seeing water damage near the water heater. The water heater may have leaked before it is noticed. In this case, water damage might be more extensive. And require the expertise of a water damage restoration company to repair all water damage in your home or business.

Know Who to Call

Knowing who to call when you have a water heater leak is important. JW Home Care’s team is ready 24/7 if you need us. Contact us here or by calling 805-443-3232 if you have questions.

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