What does a Water Damage Company do?

What Does a Water Damage Company do?


A water damage company will restore your property to the condition it was before the water damage occurred. The process is complex to stop the effects of water damage on the building structure, furnishings, and personal property. Only certified water damage technicians should be hired for water damage remediation.

The first thing to do when you find a water leak or more severe, a flooded house, contact a professional water damage company. The first 24-48 hours are critical to prevent further destruction. Also prevents mold growth and the possible loss of additional personal possessions.

There are 3 good reasons to have a professional assessment of the water damage:

1. Work with your insurance company – Water damage restoration companies work with your insurance company to assist you in receiving the maximum amount allowed by your policy. Some insurance companies look for reasons not to cover all or part of your claim. We take all necessary measures to ensure that the inspection is handled properly and are available to answer questions from your insurance company.

2. Missing or causing a water damage problem – Water follows the path of least resistance and can travel into the subfloor, behind walls, wick its way up the walls. Water damage may show up in one place and remain a hidden problem in another, such as water or mold behind walls or in other hard to see areas.

3. Free assessment and no obligation – Let us assess the issue which could potentially save you thousands in water damage costs.
During the assessment and inspection of the water damage, the visible damage will be inspected. Using moisture readers and infrared cameras to determine the water damage source and any affected areas and related problems such as mold growth and odors in the walls, insulation, and other unseen places to ascertain if there is any additional water damage.

During the inspection the class of water will also need to be determined so the proper type of cleanup can be done. The three classifications of water are as follows:

  • Clean water: Low contamination
  • Grey water: Medium contamination, such as toilet or dishwasher water
  • Black water: High contamination, such as sewage


The preliminary inspection takes 30-90 minutes depending on the damage. The water damage company will provide a detailed plan for restoration including the steps in the restoration process, such as the dry out and removal of water, and recovery of your contents.
If you are in need of water damage company, contact JW Home Care for a quick response, 24/7 and a professional assessment.


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