Tips to Avoid Water Damage

Tips to Avoid Water Damage from a dishwasher.

Helpful Tips to Avoid a Water Damage from a dishwasher. Did you know that 30% of home water damages are due to appliance failure? Without a doubt, a leaking dishwasher can cause water damage to the flooring but also the kitchen cabinets. So here are a few a tips to avoid dishwasher water damage and keep your dishwasher in tip-top shape. Keep reading on tips to avoid a water damage.

Read the manual. We see this all the time. Read your manual. But it is very important to know the correct soap type, amounts and loading instructions. These recommendations may keep your dishwasher from later breaking down and springing a leak.

Conduct regular maintenance. Failure to maintain your dishwasher can cause it to break down and work less efficiently. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations (read your manual) for cleaning rubber seals, protecting against rust, flushing out filters, and unclogging spray nozzles. Keep reading for more tips to avoid a water damage.

Install proper hoses. Use stainless steel braided hoses if recommended by your manufacturer. These tend to fit more easily in tight spaces without kinking, which is a common bursting culprit in rubber and clothing hoses. If you need a new hose, order here

Inspect dishwasher water lines. A burst hose or leak in the line are the most common ways your dishwasher can create water damage. Generally, there are two water lines connected to your dishwasher: one that leads to the kitchen sink supply faucet, and one that leads to the sink drain or disposal. Check the lines twice a year, and call upon a professional if any signs of water are present.

Only run the dishwasher when home. There’s no way to know when a water hose will burst so it recommended to only operate your dishwasher when someone is home. When home, you can shut off the appliance or water source before the leaking water becomes a bigger, rising problem.

Hopefully these tips to avoid water damage will keep your dishwasher from leaking or a burst hose. If there’s a significant amount of water and want to prevent further deterioration to your home, contact JW Home Care for a free estimate.

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