The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning       

Lint buildup in the dryer vent can be dangerous. For example, The lint inside of the hose can contribute to a variety of problems. Including fires and clogs that cause your clothes to take longer to dry. The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning of your dryer vent system should be done regularly to avoid these issues:

Clothes Dryer Drying Times

One of the most common dryer vent problems is that your dryer takes longer to dry clothes than it should. This can be caused by lint collecting in the dryer vent, causing a blockage. If this problem continues for an extended period of time, you could actually damage your dryer by overheating it. You can dry a full load of clothes in as little as forty minutes with the lint buildup cleared from your dryer hose.

Fire Hazards

Lint is highly flammable, so dryer lint buildup actually poses a serious fire hazard. If excess lint continues to build up over time, there will be a dry layer of lint. This dryer lint can catch fire, which is one reason that dryer fires are so common. For example, the US Fire Administration estimates that dryers cause around 2,900 house fires per year and an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injures, and 35 million in property loss.

Health Hazards

Dryer vent cleaning is also important from a health perspective. When dryer lint accumulates in the dryer vent, it naturally will accumulate elsewhere in your home. This dryer lint can be very harmful to you and your family if inhaled. Keeping the dryer vent clean is vital for the well-being of every member of your household.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

The dryer vent cleaning process begins with a dryer vent inspection. This step is very useful for dryer vent service companies because it allows them to identify dryer vents that require special attention, such as a more detailed cleaning or repairs. For most homes, dryer vent inspection includes clearing all of the dryer lint from the dryer itself and clearing any dryer lint from the dryer hose. The dryer vent service professional will use a hand brush and vacuum cleaner to remove dryer lint buildup from inside of the dryer vent and blow it away with an air compressor. Many companies also use specialized tools to ensure dryer vents are completely free from dryer lint buildup. The dryer vent service professional will then test the dryer vent to ensure that it is working properly.

In Closing, The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning by a professional dryer vent service company is the best way to keep your dryers running at their optimal performance level and reduce dryer fire hazards. Your dryer will dry clothes faster, and you will enjoy many other benefits that come with keeping your dryer vent free of lint buildup. Call JW Home Care at 805-443-3232 to learn more about the dryer vent cleaning process and costs.

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  1. I find it helpful to know that dryer vent cleaning is vital for the health of your family. Dryer lint accumulates in the vent, which could be inhaled by your family, which is harmful. I don’t ever want to compromise the safety and health of my family, so I’ll follow our advice and hire a residential vent cleaning service. Thanks!

  2. Dryer Vent Cleaning this step is very useful . Dryer Vent Cleaning reduce dryer fire hazards. Thanks!

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