7 Signs of a Slab Leak

7 Signs of a slab leak

A slab leak occurs when pipes in the foundation of your house have leaked due to corrosion. The leak could be a pinhole leak or a cracked pipe due to the settling of the house. Either way, here are the 7 Signs of a Slab Leak should you need them.

1. Water on the Floor – If you see puddles on the floors and the y grow larger and larger, it may be a slab leak. If it is, the puddles are coming up from under the surface of the floor. You will also want to check your other appliances, under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to be certain the water isn’t coming from another source.

2. Hot Floors – If the leak is on the hot water side, the leaking hot water warms up the concrete which transfers to the floors.

3. Low Water Pressure – If you noticed a sudden decrease in water pressure, it could be from a slab leak. Slab leaks occur in your main water line where the water comes in from the outside.

4. Outdoor Water Puddles – If you notice water puddles outside of your house that are not from a hose or another source, it could be from a slab leak.

5. Cracking Floors – The most severe sign of a slab leak is cracking floors. It is not something that is noticeable immediately.

6. High Water/Heating Bills – If there’s no reason for your water bill or heating bill to spike, you could be dealing with a slab leak especially if it happens suddenly. Since there is more water to heat due to the leak, then your heating unit is working harder.

7. Odd Sounds – The sound water makes running through pipes is detectable. A leak, including a slab leak can also be heard and it is one of best ways to determine if you have a slab leak.

If you see any one of these 7 signs of a slab leak, give JW Home Care a call. We offer a free estimate as well as a detailed plan for water damage restoration.


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  1. It really helped me understand how dangerous pipe leaks are and how you should get them repaired immediately since they can become a serious hazard due to mold infestation. I saw some ads offering slab leak repairs for residential homes. I will look into this if I need this someday.

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