Should I Clean Air Ducts after a Fire

After a fire occurs, the HVAC system must be cleaned and deodorized because soot particles
may have been trapped by the filtration system. All registers and ductwork must be thoroughly
examined for smoke, fire, ash and soot as they can cause the vents to be contaminated within
the HVAC system. Removal of soot and smoke odors located throughout the HVAC system is a
necessary step to bring the ductwork back to proper working condition.

When you have a structure fire, items such as insulation and furniture that have burned are
comprised of toxic chemicals that can be very dangerous to your ventilation system, yourself
and your family, causing health issues. With these chemicals becoming airborne they escape
through windows and into the vents. Ventilation systems are designed to create clean air, but
they do not accommodate the nature of fires.

Smoke is transferred from unit to unit through air vents. As smoke enters the air ducts it can
stick to the surface and absorb into the debris, which is why you should have the ventilation
system cleaned out very thoroughly after a fire. Removal of smoke odors located throughout the
system is crucial to the restoration of the heating and cooling system.

Not only is Soot removal crucial to the restoration of the heating and cooling system, but it is also
important to you & your family’s health. Soot will continuously blow out of the vents into the air
you breathe for months to come, it can get on items such as furniture, walls, and even clothing.
Airborne soot is inhaled by the occupants which can cause or worsen health issues.
Soot can also be damaging to your electronics.

These are all important reasons why you should have your air ducts cleaned after a fire.
Give JW Home Care a call so we can get those ducts cleaned out for you as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “Should I Clean Air Ducts after a Fire

  1. Thanks for share…..

  2. I had an electrical fire in the home that is owned by Windsor Housing. I read your article. It has been many years that have gone by and I know for certain that there was never any duct cleaning done in this home. It’s a matter of fact they didn’t even change the carpets till five or six years later after making a big stink. My point I’m trying to make it as I am having extreme difficulty breathing, I’ve always got sinus infections never feel well when I’m here if I leave my home I am perfectly fine and I come back, so could you please call me at 226-246-9100. I had asked for my air ducts to be cleaned last year because I knew something was going on because I can see black stuff coming out of the ducks that are on the ceiling and they said they do not do things like that and it’s not necessary . I feel that my health has been endangered and something needs to be done. I need your help please.

  3. Your guidance provides much-needed clarity during a challenging time, offering reassurance and direction to those navigating the aftermath of such an event. Your expertise helps ensure not only the restoration of a safe living environment but also peace of mind for homeowners. Grateful for your insightful advice and commitment to helping us recover and rebuild after a fire.

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