Preventing Water Heater Water Damage

Preventing Water Heater Water Damage

Here are some tips on Preventing Water Heater Water Damage. Water heaters can cause massive damage to your home and depending on how long before the leak was noticed, mold could also become an issue.

When was the last time you checked your water heater? Don’t worry you can help prevent hot water heater problems, including a leaking water heater, with these 4 steps for water heater maintenance.

● How old is your water heater? Once your water heater reaches its life expectancy, the chances of leak or sudden burst increases. Thus, inspecting and maintaining your water heater should increase.

● What is an anode rod and why should you care? The anode rod is the most important factor in determining the life of your water heater. The rod is screwed into the top of your water heater and protects your water heater from rusting. T o determine if your anode rod needs to be replaced, it should be inspected once every two years and at least annually once the warranty has expired.

● Clean out your water heater regularly. Removing sediment from the hot water heater should be done every six months. Attach a garden hose to the valve at the base of the water heater. Note: Turn off the power and run hot water until it cools before you try to flush the tank since the heated water may be 130 to 140 degrees or more.

● Annual Inspection. An annual inspection performed by a plumbing professional can inspect water heater’s shut-off valve and all piping. Signs of broken valves and loose or wet joints and rust are a sign that more severe damage is coming.

If you need to hire a plumber to come in and repair your water heater we suggest checking out Yelp. And ff you find yourself in need of a water damage restoration company, contact the highly rated professionals at JW Home Care .


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