Prepare For California Wildfires

Let’s Prepare For California Wildfires

Unfortunately, wildfires are a fact of life for people in many areas. For people who live in many parts of California, a wildfire is definitely something that they may have to deal with. Thus, it is important to understand wildfire preparation and steps you can take to keep your family safe. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to prepare for California Wildfires and do before encountering a California wildfire

Make an Emergency Plan

One of the best things to do in advance of a wildfire is to create an emergency plan. No one wants to have to evacuate their home for a wildfire; however, in the event that evacuation is needed, it will be important to have a plan. Every member of your household should know what to do in the event that evacuation is needed. Practicing your emergency plan can help too in order to ensure you are able to leave quickly. 

Collect Important Documents

In the event that you encounter a California wildfire, there are many important documents that you will want to have. Things such as insurance policies, birth certificates, and other information are things you don’t want to risk potentially being damaged. Keep these in an easy to access location in something easily portable so you can take them with you should you need to evacuate. 

Create Defensible Space to Prepare For California Wildfires

Protecting your home is another key aspect of wildfire preparation. An important aspect is creating a defensible space within 30 to 100 feet of your home. Here, you’ll want regularly trim trees and shrubs. You will also want to keep the grass well maintained and regularly remove dead leaves from your yard and gutters. Create separation between trees and shrubs by maintaining distance between individual plants as well. 

Strengthen Your Home

Improving your home’s resistance to prepare for California wildfires is another important aspect of the process. Utilize fire resistant materials when possible. Roofs should be metal, clay, tile, or composition instead of wood or shingle. Cover vents with metal mesh to decrease vulnerability to embers. Cover walls with flame resistant materials such as stucco or fiber cement siding. Treat existing wood structures with fire retardant coatings. 

Stock Important Items To Prepare For California Wildfires

Another important part of wildfire preparation involves having different items at your disposal in case you encounter a fire. You should have a few different fire extinguishers and every member of the home should know how to use them. You should also have a hose that is able to reach any area of your home or other structures on your property. 

Final Thoughts

Wildfire season can bring about unexpected risks. However, being knowledgeable and taking steps towards wildfire prevention will help you feel more confident in your ability to respond should a fire occur nearby. Additionally, practicing wildfire prevention will help you protect your family and property if the need arises. Prepare For California Wildfires the right way and know JW Home Care stands ready to assist you and your family if disaster ever strikes.

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