How to Prepare for a Heat Wave

This past Labor Day weekend in Ventura County we had a major Heat Wave, a Heat Wave is a prolonged period of unusually high temperatures in a region. How well were you prepared for the Heat Wave?

Did you know that heat is the number one weather-related killer? Ventura County reported 1 heat-related death over the Holiday weekend involving a hiker, as well as several hikers that had to be rescued. The death and rescues prompted closings of all trails in Ventura County. Heat is no joke!! Anyone can suffer from a heat-related illness if they over-exert themselves or simply don’t take extreme heat warnings seriously.

Here are some tips to help you prepare : 


  1. Stay indoors if at all possible
  2. Keep your AC or fans on
  3. Stay on the bottom floor if no AC is available
  4. Keep windows covered, blocking the sunlight
  5. Outdoor Exercise: Carry water, wear a hat, wear light, loose-fitting clothing
  6. If you are working outdoors, take frequent breaks and drink water
  7. Stay away from alcohol, soda and high sugar drinks (they dehydrate you)
  8. Check on elderly neighbors, family and friends
  9. If animals cannot be kept indoors, keep them in shaded areas and ensure they have plenty of water 

REMEMBER to NEVER leave children or pets alone in vehicles!!

Here are a few links from the National Weather Service on Heat Safety: Click Here

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