How Many Days Does It Take to Dry a Water Damage?

You have Water Damage in your home and want to know how many days it will take to dry out. This is important to know so that you can prepare yourself & your family in case you need to vacate your home while the drying process is going on.

A typical dry time can be 5 days, depending on the extent of the damage and the drying process being used. Also, take into consideration, the source of the water damage, what has been affected, and how long the area has been wet. In some cases, dry time can be done in as little as a day or 2 or as much as 7-10 days. 

At JW Home Care, our IICRC Certified Technicians will do a thorough walkthrough to determine the extent of the damage. We will determine approximately how many days will be needed for a total and completely dry out and will begin the dry out process by setting up proper equipment. There may be a delay in drying time if you have suffered damage to flooring or carpet, they may need to be pulled as the water can stay saturated underneath, thus causing even more damage along with the possibility of Mold.

In the unfortunate event of Water Damage, Don’t put it off, give JW Home Care a call at 805-301-6631 for a free Estimate. We are ready and available to tackle minor to major Water Damage. We will even work with your Insurance Company if you are filing a Homeowners Claim. 

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