Do I Have to Use the Insurance Approved Vendor?

The simple answer being, No, not if you don’t want to

You have every legal right to choose who you’d like to hire to remediate the damages to your home or business. Don’t feel pressured to pick a vendor of the Preferred Service Provider list your insurance will give you. 

What is a Preferred Service Provider and Why do insurances have them?

A PSP is any licensed business that will provide the needed specified work at a discounted rate to the insurance company in exchange for receiving a large volume of work. 

Insurances like to have PSP’s contracted on their claims strictly for financial reasons. If an insurer has the final say so as to what will be remediated and in what way, they can better control costs by controlling the scope of work, thus saving the insurance money. Unfortunately, not everyone wins. None of these instances benefits the homeowner. 

What are the benefits of using an Insurance Preferred Service Provider vs using an Independent, Locally Owned and Operated Restoration Business?

A Preferred Vendor is in the best interest of the insurance company, whereas an Independent Restoration Company is working solely for the homeowner. Hiring a restoration company, such as JW Home Care, which is not partnered with any insurance companies, will oftentimes provide far better service than those who are under obligation to only remediate items that the insurance company adjuster says to. It comes down to certified experienced technicians in the industry being able to carry out the job either the right way (following IICRC standards) or the way the insurance adjuster sees fit. Sure some insurances claim their adjusters are certified, yet there’s something important to remember, certification does not always mean experience and know-how. 

Bottom line, we work for you, not the insurance. 

We make sure your home or business is mitigated, remediated, and cleaned properly following our strict company guidelines as well as the standards set forth from the American National Standards Institute who governs the IICRC. We reference the IICRC material every day on the job. Work is assessed and remediated efficiently and properly. When it comes time to bill for services done, we use an insurance accepted fair market rate program to invoice. We then work out the payment details with your insurance. 

We understand a home emergency can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our team at JW Home Care is ready to assist you, we’re just a phone call away. 

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