Class 1 Water Damage

What Are the Classes of Water Damage?

There are 4 different classes of water damage: Class 1,2,3 & 4. Water Classes are determined by how much water is present and the type of material that is absorbing the water. Water classes are arranged by the amount of time needed to dry out an area as well as the severity of the damage. The lower the least amount of water involved. 

What is Class 1 Water Damage? 

Class 1 water damage is defined as moisture that only affects a partial room or area, therefore causing minimal damage to the affected area. For example, let’s say you have a leak under your kitchen sink and you have a living/family room connected that the water spread to, there will be very minimal if any moisture absorbed by materials such as carpet & padding or hardwood floors. There will also be very little if any moisture saturated on the walls. 

Class 1 Water Damage Restoration Process

It is very important to determine what class of water damage you have so that proper steps to mitigate can be taken, also to prevent further contamination in the affected area. With the class established, we can quickly determine items that can or cannot be salvaged. This also helps to determine the equipment needed to remediate as quickly as possible to avoid deterioration. The techs at JW Home Care are IICRC Certified, meaning they are properly trained to handle your restoration needs. JW Home Care technicians use commercial grade equipment such as Air Movers, Air Scrubbers & Dehumidifiers to ensure quick and proper handling of your water damage.

Don’t hesitate to give JW Home Care a call at 805-301-6631 to begin the mitigation process before your water damage progresses and causes severe damage. To view a recent project where we helped a family with a class 1 water damage restore their home in just 3 days, click here!

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