California Wildfires

California Wildfires

We currently have 26 major wildfires burning in the State of California, with over 18,000 firefighters on the front lines battling the blazes. Since the start of 2020, Wildfires have scorched more than 3.7 million acres, making this the largest wildfire season in the history of the state.

Do you live in or near forests, rural areas or remote mountain sites? If so, you may face the very real danger of wildfire.

If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, you should prepare. 

First, you should have an emergency kit ready in the event you have to evacuate. 

Next, you should create a 30 to 100-foot safety zone around your home. Within this area, you can take steps to reduce potential exposure to flames and radiant heat by, removing leaves and rubbish from under structures, rake leaves, dead limbs and twigs, and clear out all flammable vegetation, remove dead branches that extend over the roof, prune tree branches and shrubs within 15 feet of a stovepipe or chimney outlet. Remove vines from the walls of the home and mow the lawn regularly. You can also ask the power company to clear branches from power lines.

There are 3 evacuation terms that you should familiarize yourself with, they are;

Evacuation Order: Evacuate immediately, do not delay to gather any belongings or prepare your home. Follow any and all directions provided in the evacuation order.

Evacuation Warning: Evacuate as soon as possible.  A short delay to gather valuables and prepare your home may be ok. Leave if you feel unsafe.  

Shelter in place order: Stay in your current location or the safest nearby building. The only time you should shelter in place is when evacuation isn’t necessary or is too dangerous.

If you are given an Evacuation Order, Leave Immediately with your family and pets. Grab your Disaster Supply Kit. Close all doors and windows (leave them unlocked in case the firefighters need to gain entry) and choose a route away from the fire hazard. Watch the direction of the fire and smoke. Tell someone when you left and where you are going.

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