Mold Remediation in Newbury Park

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Are you facing a mold problem in your Newbury Park home? Even if you only have a suspicion due to faint musty odors or the symptoms of a mild flu that just won’t go away, it’s definitely worthwhile calling in our mold remediation specialists for an expert inspection. If you’ve had any incident involving a water intrusion, plumbing problem, or large spill you should do so within 24 hours to head off problems before they have a chance to start. Should you need mold removal we’ll complete the job thoroughly, leaving your home healthy and odor-free.

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JW Home Care is an independent, family owned and operated company offering full-service residential and commercial mold removal services to the fine homes of Newbury Park. We’re Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, fully licensed, and maintain complete workman’s compensation, vehicle, liability, and environmental insurance.

Our Mold Removal Service

Mold removal requires extensive training to assure safety, prevent spread, and achieve thorough removal. Following EPA, OSHA, and IICRC standards, guidelines, and requirements our highly trained mold services crews do exactly that.

Our mold remediation process consists of the following:

  • Expert inspection and assessment, including procedures to locate any hidden trapped moisture. As needed, we can also take air, bulk, and surface samples for mold testing.
  • Isolating the affected areas with plastic barriers then setting up HEPA air filters and negative-pressure exhaust. That’s especially important for black mold removal, but we always take full precautions and make sure that our crews are using their personal protection gear.
  • Thorough spore and mold removal using HEPA vacuuming, wire brushing, sanding, and/or dry ice blasting. We seal all wastes before transferring them through your home and across Newbury Park.
  • Replace or seal all porous materials with mold damage such as plaster, sheet rock, wood trim, and wood framing.
  • Apply eco-friendly anti-fungal treatments to affected and surrounding areas.

It’s not possible to remove 100% of all mold spores and keep more from drifting in. However, our goal is to come as close to that as we can to reduce the odds of a mold problem recurring to as close to zero as possible. To that end, our mold abatement services may also include carpet cleaning (or replacement) and air-duct cleaning. As water damage experts we’ll also identify and correct the original source of dampness that permitted mold growth to get started.

If you believe your home has been invaded by mold or you need expert home restoration services, don’t hesitate to call our Newbury Park technicians at (805) 443-3232.