Mold Removal in Santa Maria, CA

JW Home Care knows how dangerous a mold removal in Santa Maria, CA can be, and we take your problem seriously. We treat the issue as though it were happening in our own home or business - this means you will have a fast response with quality workmanship delivered by friendly restoration technicians. Reach out today for assistance from professional specialists like us!

About Our Mold Removal  Services

Due to the health hazards and the way spores travel so easily when disturbed, meticulous attention to every detail is necessary to prevent spread and further harm.  Moreover, absolutely thorough mold removal is needed to prevent regrowth.  Here is an outline of the typical mold remediation project in Santa Maria, California, 93454

  • Inspection and test. This involves sampling the air and taking small samples from building materials, carpet, and furniture, and so on.  The purpose is not only to detect the presence of mold, but to identify the exact species present in order to determine the best precaution and removal methods.
  • Isolate the work area. In order to block spores, we hang plastic sheeting and set up special air exhausts to the outdoors along with continuous HEPA air filtering.
  • Mold removal. Our workers must wear protective clothing and special face masks during the actual work.
  • Mold abatement. We’ll apply non-toxic antimicrobials and sometimes apply sealants to deal with any spores left behind.
  • Odor removal. As needed we can use special equipment to neutralize odors.
  • A 3rd part test confirms that mold and its spores have been completely removed.

Mold only needs moisture and prefers to grow in dark places, including under the carpet. For this reason you may have a much bigger problem, even if there hasn't been any visible damage! Mold removal should be done by professionals like those at JW Home Care in Santa Maria, California who know how to protect you with certifications from the IICRC. Our technicians are trained not only on removing the mold you can see, but the ones you can't!

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JW Home Care is a family owned business servicing the Santa Maria, CA, 93454 area. We specialize in 24 hour emergency water mitigation services, smoke and fire restoration, and much more. Fully insured, IICRC certified, and verified professionals on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List and Home Advisor.