Carpet Cleaning

Are you in need of Carpet Cleaning in ? You'll be able to enjoy fresh, clean carpet once again when the team at JW Home Care is done with your service. We treat all types of carpets in homes and businesses and ensure you have something beautiful for yourself once again! Having them cleaned properly will also extend the lifespan! With our help, not only does cleaning do wonders for you; it helps save money too!

About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

A Carpet Cleaning in is a process that removes stains and dirt from Carpets using cleaning methods. Carpets are usually made of material such as wool, cotton, silk, nylon, polyester or a combination of them.

Carpet Cleaning can begin with vacuuming to remove large particles of dust and debris from the carpet. Carpet cleaning is a multi-step and usually includes:

  • Pre-treating Carpet stains using Carpet Spot Cleaners and Carpet Stain Removers
  • Applying Carpet Pre-Spray to Carpets
  • Rinsing the Pre-Spray out with Steam Extraction
  • Carpet Protection by applying a Carpet Protector which makes future spills easier to clean up.
  • Carpet Drying using Carpet Fans to dry Carpets in hours depending on Carpets thickness, materials used and humidity levels.

No one likes to wait for the carpet to dry, and excessive drying times risk mold. Our truck-mounted equipment lets us keep moisture to a minimum, based on the type and thickness of your carpet, the level of soiling, and the weather. Ideally, everything is dry and ready for you before we go, but in some situations, the full drying process can take up to 2-6 hours

Why Choose JW Home Care

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Here at JW Home Care, our goal is to bring honesty, integrity, and customer-focused services in order to provide you with peace of mind in the midst of the most chaotic circumstances. We know you’re going through a hard time when you need us, so we focus on delivering service that eliminates as much stress as possible. Our company culture promotes investment in our employees through training, tools, and empowerment. While we work hard, we also promote some fun here and there as well. The results so far have spoken for themselves: we’re quickly becoming a local leader in restoration and cleanup services, and we intend to stay in that role for a long time to come. We would love to come help you out for Carpet Cleaning in if you would allow us to help!

More About the JW Home Care Family

JW Home Care is a highly rated family owned business serving and surrounding areas. We specialize cleaning services such as Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning we also specialize in 24 hour emergency water mitigation services, smoke and fire restoration, and mold remediation. We are IICRC certified, fully licensed and insured and verified professionals on Yelp, Google, and The Better Business Bureau.