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Call JW Home Care for your Dryer Vent Cleaning in Piru! Do you use a gas or electric dryer on your property? If so, these appliances have greatly improved the time and effort needed for laundry by cutting drying times down significantly. No more worrying about hanging wet clothes outside to air, which means no more of that pesky weather ruining their nice clean look! But with all those new improvements come some drawbacks- if not maintained regularly; they depend on having adequate ventilation for the heat-exiting moisture in each cycle! JW Home Care is here to help you!

About Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

A dryer's potential for causing fires is due to its heating element, which generates heat that causes clothes, towels, and bedding inside of it to become extremely hot when drying takes place. The dryer vent connects to the dryer at one end and exits the building through an opening in the wall or roof of the structure. Most dryer fires are caused by dryer vents that have not been cleaned regularly.  The dryer vent becomes clogged with lint and eventually the dryer has a fire or cannot dry clothes because too much lint is in the vent. Need Dryer Vent Cleaning in Piru? You should give JW Home Care a call.

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During our cleaning service, experienced technicians will go into your vent with a brush that is connected to a powerful vacuum. The rotator will sweep up any lint and debris in its path while attached by the vacuums HEPA filters which protect air quality inside the home. You can sleep well knowing your dryer vent has been cleaned right!

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JW Home Care is a leader in dryer vent cleaning services, and we offer the best to our customers. We don't just clean your vents; we make sure they work properly too! JW Home Care offers a range of in-depth dryer vent cleaning services to ensure that you can do your laundry with total peace of mind. Our team is highly trained and our technicians provide friendly service every time they visit for one completed job right on schedule! If you need help with your Dryer Vent Cleaning in Piru, California give JW Home Care a call today!

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More About the JW Home Care Team

JW Home Care is a highly rated family owned business serving Piru and surrounding areas. We specialize cleaning services such as Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning we also specialize in 24 hour emergency water mitigation services, smoke and fire restoration, and mold remediation. We are IICRC certified, fully licensed and insured and verified professionals on Yelp, Google, and The Better Business Bureau.

A few of our over 200+ 5 star reveiws!

  • David and Mark were amazing. Called around after we had major water damage in our new kitchen. We chose JW because of their customer service. We have dealt with the big franchised restoration companies before but with JW Home care you feel like more then just another customer. Could not recommend more. Thank you guys.

    John PJohn PWith JW Home Care You Feel Like More Then Just Another Customer

  • We woke up at 2am to 1" of standing water throughout 1400sq.ft. of our home. Johnny had to go pick up his truck and was here in under 2 hours. He got all of the water up and put dryers in place. He then explained what we should expect and provided a full report for our insurance company. His team handled our complete move out and 3 months later our move back. I have a lot of experience moving and I must say the JW professionalism was exceptional but what we most appreciated was the kindness of the entire JW crew during what was a stressful time. They will be our first call for any home service/maintenance we need. Thank you, thank you!

    Celes BuckCeles BuckThe JW Professionalism Was Exceptional

  • JW Home Care was quick to respond and arrived at our home within the hour of being called. They worked expeditiously to mitigate the water damage and were meticulous in documenting the damage for insurance purposes. They were also great in communicating not only with us but with our insurance company. Would definitely recommend JW Home Care for any mitigation needs.

    Christine ReyesChristine ReyesMeticulous In Documenting The Damage For Insurance Purposes

  • Needed a wall removed after discovering mold in the drywall. These guys were awesome to work with. Professional at all stages. Responded quickly. Did a great job. Original quote included removal of a mirror but they ended up not needing to so cost was actually lower than estimate. Very happy with them and would use again and recommend.

    Brian McKinneyBrian McKinneyProfessional At All Stages

  • 2 am Christmas night, after the downpour of rain, we discovered our downstairs living room flooded. Johnny Franco said he’d be there first thing in the morning to access our situation. He brought a colleague and they started within a few hours. After calling around they were the best priced and you can tell he genuinely wanted to help. They definitely went beyond good customer service. If We could do 6 stars, we would. God forbid this happens again but if it ever does, we won’t hesitate to contact Johnnie Franco again.

    Jennifer LindseyJennifer LindseyWent Beyond Good Customer Service

  • Our garage door damaged by a hit and run vehicle. JW Home Care responded on a Sunday evening and completed a professional board up installation in two hours. I would call them again without hesitation. Great job JW!

    William DuFrainWilliam DuFrainProfessional Board Up