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Are your laundry routines taking too long because your clothing dryer is taking a long time to dry your clothes?
Then you might need to get your dry vent cleaned.

Our specialists here at JW Home Care Carpet Cleaning & Damage Restoration will make sure that the dryer vents at your house or property are properly cleaned so that your laundry is more efficient and less time consuming. We use simple but efficient methods including a snake-like brush to clean the dryer bent entirely. 

Aside from having the best dryer vent cleaning services in Santa Barbara, we also count with a 30-day guaranty period after your dry vent is clean so that you feel more comfortable with our services, if there is any problem you can call us back and we will go out to your home as soon as possible and for free.

Having your dryer vents cleaned with the best dryer vent cleaning services in Santa Barbara, CA will also bring safety to your house, as a common household appliance responsible for causing many houses to burn down. Lint, which is what clogs the dryer vent, is extremely flammable and will easily start a fire inside your house. This is why whenever you can smell something burning while drying your clothes make sure to call us professionals to go ahead and check your dryer vents.

Another warning signs that will tell you if you need to clean your dry vent is checking if your laundry is coming out hot from the dryer and if the clothing dryer heats too much while or after it was used. Once this problems appear, you can give us a call and will will be ready and armed to assist you.

You can call us at (805) 443-3232 for more information about or services, or to make an appointment.