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Cleaning your dryer vents is important, it saves you a lot of time and money. From gas money, to electricity waste, not having the lint removed from dryer vents really does make a difference. It is also a safe thing to do as not having your dry vent cleaner at least every year increases the chance of fire in your house.

The warning signs are noticeable most of the times, and they do not require a lot of work to confirm if the dry vent is clogged and dirty or not. Usually the first thing you will notice is that your clothing dryer is taking almost double time to dry your clothes, they feel very hot as well as the outside of the clothing dryer appliance. 

Every year about 15,000 fires inside homes occur because home owners or property owners do not have their dry vent cleaned. Clothing dryers are a common household appliance responsible for fires and if you and your loved ones want to feel in a safe home, you can have our quality dryer vent cleaning services in Port Hueneme, CA be ready at your door to give you the service that you and your property deserve.

Here at JW Home Care Carpet Cleaning & Damage Restoration our procedures are simple, quick and with outstanding outcomes, you will not be disappointed. Being a high online rated business, we strive to give you the best pricing and cleaning services, and as a family operated business we desire to build life time relationships with our clients. We will assure to leave you and your family happy and safe with our quality dryer vent cleaning services in Port Hueneme, CA. All you have to do is call us at (805) 443-3232 or use our new systems of "Give me a bid!" and our chat system both located at the homepage.