Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Have you ever received a price from your preferred carpet restoration company and they change the deal after they have cleaned the house?

If so you have been victim of a bait and switched technique. This technique has been used over time by unethical carpet cleaners to get their foot in the door. They tell one price over the phone to later switch the numbers after they get into your home or business. 

Here at JW Home Care Carpet Cleaning & Damage Restoration we believe in giving not only fair prices but also more consistent ones. We have different methods to give you accurate and affordable prices. We also count with bid system within this website that will help you give you an idea of what your prices will be, it will also make an appointment which will be way easier and less time consuming.

Our professional carpet cleaning in Goleta, CA will make your carpets look bright and new once again, as we use quality products such as bio degradable sprays that break down any dirt that your carpet may have. We also count with different type of products to eliminate hard to clean spots such as red wine, coffee spills, synthetic colors and more!

With us you can expect the most professional carpet cleaning in Goleta, CA as not only are we a highly rated online business but we also count with well trained technicians that will give you the best service and best carpet cleaning. As a family operated business we love to build time relationships with our clients so that they feel safer, more comfortable and happier with all of our services.

Call us at (805) 443-3232 for more information or to make an appointment! We also count with a new chat system that is operated by our fully trained technicians.